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New location, new inspiration!

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

Since we first started our own businesses, over ten years ago, my sister and I always dreamed of working together in one of the nice properties in the ‘Oude Noorden’ neighbourhood in Rotterdam. Throughout the years we sometimes browsed advertisements, but we rarely found something that suited both our wishes and our wallets. This summer, my sister, Madelein, spotted a little gem: a former corner shop converted to office. That’s where we are now!

Working apart together

Madelein has her own business in interior design and lighting called Insides, but we enjoy sharing our workplace. It is much more pleasant than being alone most of the time and we discuss our work problems and our designs. Although we are very similar in many ways, our tastes in art and design are sometimes miles apart. But working together we can improve our designs. I help her drafting when she is short in time and she helps me carry heavy glass works.

My work is finally properly visible

For the first time I have windows directly to the street. It does feel a little bit like I am in a fishbowl, but I am happy that people can see me work. I also like it that my work is visible from outside. It is fun to see all the people pass by, looking curiously through the windows. This neighbourhood is very lively and we already talked to a lot of nice people. We love it here!

Come and visit

The ‘Oude Noorden’ is an area with a lot of creative business going on. It is nice to become part of that. Even though my place is a workshop, with tools, machines and a killn, we wanted it to look nice and we invested in cabinets, paint and lighting. After two months of building and moving, we’re open for business once again! We are in every day except for Wednesdays, or when we are at an appointment. So come and visit, we are happy to see you.

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