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Making three behind glass paintings on freedom

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

I feel very powerless whenever I see people, especially children, suffer in this world. But I can paint about it and donate part of the sales price to charity. So inspired I set out to make three paintings on freedom of oppression.

Glass as a material for wall art

Most glass paintings are meant to hang in front of a window. But glass is also a great material for wall art. Glass is my canvas, giving my painting a structure. I can paint on it and engrave it, which I did, for this series. Glass can also be part of my pallet, bringing colour and depth to my painting. I can layer it and glue coloured pieces to my work. It is really fun to play with it in this way.

Free at Last, ‘Lightness’ first

These three paintings I called ‘Free at Last’. They celebrate the joys of being free of oppression. The first one is called ‘Lightness’. When no one is pushing you down, no one has power over you, you can feel the lightness of life. The feeling of jumping in the wind to see how far you can go. Or when you’re going really fast on a swing. Standing on a beautiful hill and seeing the world around you or when you’re relaxing in a swinging hammock. I would love for everyone to enjoy this feeling of freedom. I used white structured glass for a fresh bright feeling and yellow and brown colours for warmth and sunshine. In a piece of yellow glass, floating at the top of the painting, I engraved the image of a girl, looking down on the clouds

Having some ‘Imagination’

The second painting I made, was about having the freedom to dream again. To have the imagination to make your own adventures. To work to realising your dreams without anything holding you back. This feeling is something a lot of people are looking for, including me, and often enough we are our own oppressors. I used fresh colours in different layers of glass to make a colourful dream cloud. I also added a piece of transparent, structured glass to break the light to make it more ‘dreamy’. I imagined one of those beautiful colourful dreams that Roald Dahl’s BFG has. A little girl is looking up in wonder at it, but she made it herself.

These three artworks are still for sale

Check my store and be surprised by their affordable price. And 30% of the sales price (excluding shipping), will be donated to Stichting Vluchteling, Dutch partner of the International Rescue Committee (IRC).

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