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New Exhibition Hamburg Germany from April 22nd

Next week my first international exhibition in Hamburg will be opened at Galery Marziart. The vernissage will take place at April 22nd and I will be there to share a toast! My artworks will be in the gallery until May 18th. Whenever you are around Hamburg, feel free to drop by.

My godmother Ini

I have made a selection of self-portraits and portraits of my late godmother Ini, who has had a lot of influence on my life. These works are a reflection of my personal and genetic relationship with her. What do I need to learn from Ini, and which of her choices would I avoid? Is that even a possibility, or are our choices locked in our genes?

Life with mr./mrs L. Anxiety

The self-portraits offer a view in my life with an anxiety disorder. This disorder started to grow from my early childhood. Now I have to learn to live with it. A couple of years ago, I have given it a name: mr/mrs L. Anxiety (sometimes male, sometimes female). For periods I have managed to tame mr. Anxiety, sometimes I am just too tired. I would like to get rid of my fears, but who am I without them, what will be left of me?

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