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My first product line

May I introduce you to: my new line of glass bowls and lamps! These are my first steps into product design and I am learning on the way. Making bowls out of glass is something I have learned over the years, although designing a line of bowls requires thinking, testing and planning. I have faced some technical challenges in making the lamps, but the biggest challenge for me is marketing! But maybe you will lend me a helping hand….

Dutch Design

These bowls and lampshades are made by me by hand in my workshop in Rotterdam. Outside of kiln time, it takes me several hours to make each item. I don’t outsource the production to another country for lower costs. Of course I buy the technical parts for the lamps elsewhere. I have made several different designs that I use to make the glassware. Whatever the design, every glass piece comes out of the kiln unique. They get an unique serial number. They are true Dutch Design.

Love Lush and Love Leftovers

I enjoy giving my work long names, it’s very me. I talk and think a lot and everything I make has a little story to it. The glassware I make out of new glass I call Love Lush. The glass that is leftover in this production process is collected and sorted. I reuse it in a second series called Love Leftovers. I try to have as little waste as possible and make an environmentally sustainable collection. Love Lush and Love Leftovers are equally gorgeous and available in different colours.

Plans for more sustainable designs

Next to my commissioned work and artwork, I keep experimenting with glassware. I have plans for more sustainable designs that I am testing at the moment. I am also working on a table lamp. Making a good-looking foot out of an environmentally friendly material has turned out to be a challenge. I have tried concrete and soapstone. The first resulted in technical problems and the second was pretty, but both of them weren’t very sustainable. I have now started experimenting with clay. So there is more to come!

Interior styling

My products still need to get around and see some real life interiors. This way people have a better idea of what the glassware looks like in a setting. I am also getting in touch with shops, who might be interested in my products. Which is a bit of a challenge in the current corona-crisis. Of course you can also find them in my webstore. And you! It would mean the world to me: If you like my products, please share them all around on any social media you love…

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