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Free at last - Lightness

SKU: ADL19008
€ 800,00Price
  • Technique: 3 layers of behind glass painting give extra dimensions.

    ​Pieces of glass are glued on top and part of the work is engraved.

    ​Size: 45×60 cm (excluding the frame)​

    This work is for sale. For more information contact

    30 % of the sales price goes to the International Rescue Committee

  • This painting is an abstract, but there is a little girl hidden in this piece of art. When the light is right, you will see her…

    This painting is part of a series of three dedicated to the freedom of oppression and poverty. I feel very powerless whenever I see people, especially children, suffer in this world. But I can paint about it and donate part of the sales price to charity.

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