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Minimalist glass design in layers

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

When you follow my Instagram or Facebook, you must have noticed that I love to travel. Last year I was lucky enough to go to Uzbekistan. This is an amazing country, hardly visited by tourists, with some stunning architecture and silk road history. The people of Uzbekistan are warm, welcoming and love a good laugh. I travelled with a small group, who were great company. One of them came from Nieuwleusen and knew of my project there. He became my new client and I was lucky enough to make a minimalist glass design for his front entrance.

Finding inspiration in my travels

The house of my client had a lot of brickwork at the entrance. I wanted the artwork to match well with the colour of the bricks. I found inspiration in my travels: coincidentally the brick madrassas in Uzbekistan had a lot of blue and turquois tileworks. This also matched wonderfully with the Dutch bricks. So this is how I found my glass palette.

Searching for a design

I made a paper frame to scale of the entrance. When I make art on paper, I can put the frame over it to see if it looks nice. I had a lot of ideas and made a lot of designs. My client had set me free, but now I had to find something that he liked. After some searching and talking with my client, I made a design that was a match! It was very minimalistic, but had a good flow and some layers of blue on top of green. I called it ‘City of red Earth’, after the walled city of Khiva.

Glue in layers

I ordered the double glazed panels and lovely Lamberts Glass. When I put the blue glass on top of the green, it made it extra deep see blue. This was a great match! To even out the difference in height I glued a piece of float glass under part of the blue layer so it fit perfectly.

With a little help from my friends…

I can’t place these panels on my own. Fortunately I have some glass artist friends, one of whom is very good at these things. He was willing to come and help me place the windows. We both have interns helping us out at the moment, so the four of us managed to put the windows in. We were lucky it was a sunny and dry day so we got to see some wonderful colours appear on the walls and floor. I was very happy to have been able to make this artwork happen. I am already working on my next project!

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