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Atelier de Lampion

Evelien de Bruijn's studio

Forgotten Foremothers

Through this series of portraits, I tried to tell the stories of my foremothers. This quest started with me wondering what my last name would have been, if women got their last name from their mothers. I wanted to know if I could find similarities between me and them. But these stories of poor farmer's daughters lead me to get deeply interested in de history of everyday women and the effect of this forgotten history on girls and women of today. This project is still ongoing, but it has already given me purpose and ideas for new projects.

Questions I never dared to ask

Knowing now that I have a genetic brain disorder and it is clear to me which women in my family struggled with the same issues. How we deal with our disorder depends in a large part on our personality. My grandmothers and my aunts have passed away. There was a lot that I had wanted to ask, but even when they were alive I never dared to. Not that I would have gotten a clear answer.  

Me and mr Anxiety & more...

I never planned on making self portraits, I couldn't imagine anyone being interested in my story. I am not an eccentric person, I live a very average life. My head makes a drama of everything, even when nothing is going on.