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Now the blood spoils the little girl's dreams II

I am so angry and I feel so spoiled and privileged at the same time. The past months the hopeless newscasts about Afghanistan have made me feel hopeless about the future of girls and women. And not just there, I mean, all over the world girls are treated like property. When they are really young, they get cuddles and toys, they get to dream about rainbows, sweets and kittens. But once they get their periods, they get married off, exploited and abused. I know we should be hopeful and optimistic, but I’m not. At the moment it feels like the world is going backward. And from all the people who suffer, girls get the worst deal.

If you want to buy this, I will donate 30% of the profit to

Technique: Three layers of glass glass combined with acryllic paint and paper.  On the glass I engraved a figure of a girl.

Size (including frame): 46 x 36 cm

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